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Individual Counseling

Life after a traumatic event is not easy, and the Trafficking and Exploitation Action Network wants to help in a variety of ways, which includes counseling options to help cope with the emotions and reactions one may have after being trafficked or exploited in any way. Our goals with our counseling approach focuses on supporting survivors (primary and secondary) in processing their trauma, and promoting resiliency.

The Trafficking and Exploitation Action Network provides individual counseling and advocacy to all persons identifying with any form of human trafficking and exploitation (primary survivors), as well as their loved ones and friends that are also impacted by human trafficking and exploitation (secondary survivors). Individual counseling consists of an intake appointment to review treatment goals and objectives, followed by an in-depth look into the counseling process. 

Common Psychological Sense (following trauma):
- Anxiety

- Depression

- Hopelessness

- Helplessness

- Overwhelmed

- Feelings of shame

- Disconnection from own body

- Negative Self-esteem 

- Devaluing Self-worth

- Inability to trust others

- Significant Triggers (reminders, negative thoughts, etc)

- Suicidal Ideation

- Internalizing Feelings

- Isolation

- Anger

*Please note - ALL programs and services offered by the Trafficking and Exploitation Action Network are free and confidential.

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