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The Human Trafficking Coalition of the Brazos Valley has an overarching goal to bring together professionals from area agencies to collaborate in the fight against human trafficking and sexual exploitation.


These agencies include local, state and federal law enforcement, state and federal prosecutors and attorneys, victim service providers, substance abuse agencies, governmental and non-governmental organizations, faith-based groups and more.


All Coalition Meetings are open to the public, as we welcome community and organizational collaboration.

Coalition Goals and Objectives:

- Working closely with local, state, and federal government agencies and medical professionals to develop protocol for responding to Human Trafficking outcries and operations

- Collaborate on various projects to bring the awareness of Human Trafficking to light, and ways our communities can come together to combat this injustice

- Collect data and research to assess the needs of the Brazos Valley communities pertaining to human trafficking and exploitation

- Providing "Train-The-Trainer" educational opportunities to bring back to coalition agencies

Coalition Workgroups:

Education, Outreach & Awareness: This workgroup will focus on podcast and webinar topics, education and training programs specific to professionals and community members on human Trafficking and Exploitation, work with T.E.A.N. on the Speaker Series, plan and attend health fairs and outreach events across the Brazos Valley; as well as be a leading group for the additional subcommittee planning the Human Trafficking and Exploitation Conference. One goal of this workgroup will be to identify and present Prevention and risk reduction strategies in our community. 

Victim/Survivor Services: This workgroup will work collaboratively with community partners to develop a network of services, database of victim/survivor services, and potential collaborative initiatives vital to serving victims/survivors and their loved ones. This committee will also work with the Education workgroup on various methods to raise awareness on Trafficking and Exploitation across the Brazos Valley (ie. Bathroom stickers, brochures, etc.)

Legal Review and Protocol Development: This workgroup will work collaboratively with law enforcement agencies, district attorney's offices, local attorneys, CPS, victim services agencies, and medical facilities developing standards of care and protocol for responding to human trafficking and exploitation incidents across the Brazos Valley. This workgroup will work closely with the Texas Governor's Office and their Child Sex Trafficking team to develop a coordinated community response to Trafficking, as well.


Additional Committees:

Coalition Steering Committee: General oversight of Coalition, Ensuring goals and objectives are being met, Monthly meetings to ensure accurate communication for Coalition

Human Trafficking Conference 2020: The Coalition is beginning to plan an exclusive Human Trafficking and Exploitation Conference slated for August 2020; and this subcommittee will focus on planning this two-day event, which will be held in the Brazos Valley.


The Human Trafficking Coalition of the Brazos Valley covers:

Brazos, Burleson, Grimes, Leon, Madison, Robertson, and Washington counties.

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